Steady Sales Success Stories
My Clients Say It Best
"I've earned 350% return on my investment in 4 months working with Sheldon."
- Rob LaPonte, President,
"I've seen growth of 9.5X my investment with Sheldon in the first 7 months."
- Charlie Epstein, President, the 401k Coach Program
"I doubled my prior year sales, and close 90% of my new opportunities thanks to Sheldon."
- Chris Sorenson, Sales Executive, Valley Communications Inc.

These are REAL SUCCESSES that my customers have seen. Scroll down to read the more of the results my clients have seen after working with me on their sales and marketing efforts.

Coaching, Consulting & Training

Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA)

"Gained entré to 6 potential strategic partners, and laid the ground work for future collaboration. Negotiated the creation of a free CAIA private label, on-line bookstore with a major industry publisher. Negotiated free periodical advertising, and shared-cost direct mailing to over 10,000 highly targeted prospects."
Nelson Lacey -

Whole Health Expo

"He jumped in with enthusiasms and was able to generate results with minimal direction, working with Sheldon was both easy and inspiring."
Trish Blain -

The 401k Coach Program

"In 4 months, my firm earned back 9 and a half times what I had invested in the Steady Sales Group"
Charlie Epstein -


"Within seven months, my firm earned a 300% return on investment from the work of the Steady Sales Group."
Rob Laporte -


"We tried to recruit Sheldon to be our VP of Sales & Marketing. I don't know what higher compliment I could pay."
Frank Leja Sr. -

UMASS Amherst Professors

"Sheldon helped us forge a relationship with a the largest health care provider in the region, and co-marketed the seminar series in a low cost, high frequency manner to medical professionals."
Anurag Sharma and Nelson Lacey -

Hub Cap Consulting

"Following one piece of Sheldon's advice resulted in a sale worth three times what I paid him for the advice."
Mark Bucciarelli -

Parenting ABC’S

"Working with Steady Sales gave me the skills and confidence to grow my business and to realize more ambitious marketing goals."
Sara Tanne -

David Fish

"He gave me deeper confidence in my ability to make cold calls and be successful."
David Fish -


Over the last eight years as the Director of this organization, I have written 4, 5, or 6 marketing plans…which stayed just that, plans. With Sheldon's assistance, I was able to identify the core goals, and a specific series of tasks to accomplish them. His regular assistance and follow-up has allowed Earthdance to commence marketing efforts that have had clear, tangible results. It has been inspiring to work with Sheldon, and FUN! I highly recommend him as a champion guerilla marketing coach.
Andrew Gaines -

Aldene Etter— Massage Therapist

"Sales and marketing are NOT often on my mind. Fortunately, as a solopreneur, I have Sheldon's expertise to guide me. Ideas, suggestions, and much more EASILY come from him when we meet or talk on the phone. With his guidance, I have been able to make a few key shifts in my marketing strategy (yes I HAVE a marketing strategy BECAUSE of Sheldon) that have increased my net income
Aldene Etter -

Paul Jacobs Moving

My work with Sheldon was quite remarkable. He brainstorms very effectively about low cost ways for them to increase sales. I was amazed at the variety and number of useful ideas he came up with to help me grow my business
Paul Jacobs -

My Guardian Angel

Although my industry is very small and very unique, Sheldon was able to capture its essence in less than an hour of interviewing me. The Steady Sales Group was immediately able to save me hundreds of dollars in unnecessary expenses, which I otherwise would have spent through knee-jerk responses."
Mo Grossberger -

Little Cree Spy Excursions

"I've been a farmer for the last 15 years, however my passion has been to start a business which would highlight my tracking skills. I never would have gotten on track with tracking if it wasn't for Sheldon. He helped me devise a plan of action which was organized, timely, and targeted – no fluff. I'm now light years ahead of where I'd be if I attempted this project on my own. Equally important is the fact Sheldon has never forgotten to check on me and has become a real friend as well as business associate.”
Alan Emond -

Wide-Eyed Marketing

"As a small business start-up, the lack of response to my sales effort had sorely taxed my confidence. I considered throwing in the towel. Sheldon's enthusiasm, validation, and concrete to-dos completely reversed the situation within a few months.”
Peter Farber -

David Jean Cleaning Service

"I worked with Sheldon for over a year, and everything got better. Revenue went up, I hired more staff, I created more repeatable systems, and I found more time to pursue other passions. Without fail, I could always count on Sheldon to be clear, supportive, creative, and empowering. To kick your results up a few notches, give this man a call!”
David Jean -

Global Routes

" was worth every penny."
Kenneth Hahn -
Insurance Clients

Bill Grinnell

"My Account Management Team has always been good. By hiring Sheldon we all got better at selling, especially in the daily communications that require a direct, consistent and honest approach to identifying our best sales or service opportunities."
Bill Grinnell -

Peter Whalen

"Sheldon worked with my team to build on their strengths and provide the tools to easily transition from service to sales and back again, showing that there isn’t much difference between the two. And he makes the whole process fun to be part of. Not only did my staff enjoy their time with Sheldon, but they also measurably increased the cross selling and closing skills."
Peter Whalen -

Boston Metro Agency Owner

"The best endorsement that I can give is to hire someone again, and that’ exactly what I did with Sheldon Snodgrass of He added significant value to my agency; an opinion unanimously shared by all my employees."
Boston Metro Agency Owner (preferred anonymity.) -


"After just six weeks, we have noticed a significant improvement in the performance of team members"
Mike Brown -

James R. Phaneuf

"James R. PhaneufSheldon’s session reinforced and improved upon everything that we have been trying to do for years in the areas of cross-selling and up selling. Our personal lines new business has clearly increased each month since we started working with him, and cross-selling has definitely improved, especially in the personal umbrella area."
James R. Phaneuf -

Don Lesser

"Sheldon worked with me to help me to develop and implement a plan to achieve new sales goals. His enthusiasm is contagious and clearly knows his subject matter."
Don Lesser -

Stephen M. Brochu

"I was looking to provide my account managers with some training on how to effectively manage their client’s books of business in order to achieve policy growth, improve retention and increase revenue. After listening to Sheldon speak about his Steady Sales program I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did. Sheldon’s program provided my account managers with renewed confidence in making outbound sales calls and asking the right questions when reviewing policies without the feeling of being a pushy salesperson. "
Stephen M. Brochu -

Allen B. Kronick

"heldon's is a completely engaging, lively, thoughtful, professional who compels his audience not only to soak up what he is teaching, but also to go out and put it into action. He consistently receives the highest ratings across multiple criteria by most everyone who attends his sold out workshops."
Allen B. Kronick -

Jacob’s Ladder Business Association (JLBA)

"Sheldon's presentation was a highly useful and enjoyable introduction into the concepts of Guerrilla Marketing. He helped us zero in on concepts that could be easily employed to improve our marketing by investing time, energy and imagination before investing money."
Joe Sullivan -

Bob Cummings

"“In my 25 years in the insurance and employee benefits field I've experienced a number of high quality sales programs, but none of the techniques have affected the kind of immediate change in behavior that Sheldon Snodgrass has. His sales coaching inspires us to adopt new sales skills, processes and selling techniques every day that generate dramatic results."
Bob Cummings -

Steve Aronson

“Sheldon did for my agency what I’ve been trying for years: he taught selling skills to make the self-described service staff much more comfortable with selling. He reached the staff at their level, he connected with them, and they trusted what he had to say. By the time he finished his excellent sales training program, any sense that 'selling' is a dirty or scary word mostly disappeared from my staff of twenty."
Steve Aronson -

Jane Driscoll

"I highly recommend the Personal Lines Training program offered by Steady Sales. Sheldon provided our employees with the tools to succeed at rounding out accounts and improving their overall performance. He helped develop confidence among my Account Managers and provided initiative for professional growth."
Jane Driscoll -

Jules Gaudreau

"Sheldon not only helped our CSRs tune into to more sales opportunities, but also helped them translate that awareness into action that more closed business. Our cross selling conversations increased by 36% and we more than doubled the number of sales from cross selling over the same period last year."

Michael Long

"I have been in sales for over 30 years. I have mentored many people during that time. Sheldon was able to boil our sales process down quickly to its fundamentals, and then reconstitute it into a fashion that made more it clear, concise and meaningful to potential clients."

Bob Borawski

"Over the course of his coaching we saw a 73% increase in net new PL policies! I knew our personal lines department had to change to compete. Sheldon gave my CSR team the tools needed to not only close more deals but to generate more leads. With his guidance, my team launched an unprecedented, outbound call campaign to round every personal line account in the agency."
Bob Borawsk -

Lou Davis

"Sheldon's ability to understand his clients' situation, help them clarify their goals, lead them in developing a plan of action and then assisting in the implementation of that plan is unsurpassed. Sheldon's work with me has had a reinvigorating effect that's translated into both renewed sales success and a rekindling of my love for my work."
Lou Davis -

North Quabbin Woods Guide Training Program

Sheldon is absolutely a lively and engaging presenter.
Kemper Carlsen -

Ms. Denise Dempsey

"The energy Sheldon projected made a positive impact on my team at our agency! Our new business was up after only the first few sessions. As the manager, I was able to hear the csr’s cross selling and up selling almost instantly! "
Ms. Denise Dempsey -

Franklin County Community Development Center

"I continue to see positive results from the clients he works with, and they all rave about him.”
Amy Shapiro -

Geoffrey Stanton

"Sheldon had a tremendous impact on my CSRs. His ideas and energy motivated my staff in ways I never could. In fact, after just two meetings he had them changing their thoughts & behaviors, which had a direct impact on our sales results."
Geoffrey Stanton -

Susan Bellows

"Sheldon’s coaching is brilliant. As a former Sandler Sales Trainer and consultant myself, I hired Sheldon with high expectations that he’d help re-ignite my business. He did not disappoint. Sheldon tempered his practical, street smart advice with warmth, patience and a keen understanding of my needs in the moment, as well as the long-term."
Susan Bellows -

Vermont Travel Industry Conference

"Sheldon was so well received, we had many requests to have him return for the next conference. We also utilized his skills in a one on one basis in a "Meet the Experts" session, and everyone loved his energy and enthusiasm for the topic."
Cindy Delaney -

Anthony Trapasso and Ann Marie Halstead Trapasso

"The energy that sheldon brought into our office and each one of our sales meeting’s, was infectious! He led role plays of “real life” sales situations, teaching us to take control of the moment, feel more empowered and willing to take sales risks. Everyone learned if they don’t ask for the sale, someone else probably will."
Anthony Trapasso and Ann Marie Halstead Trapasso -

Ed Ruhl

"The Hanover Insurance Group has worked extensively with Sheldon to offer a variety of sales training and skill building programs to some of our top agency partners in Massachusetts. The Sales Accelerator Program, for personal lines CSRs and Account Managers, focused on how to account round and close new inquiries faster and more effectively."
Ed Ruhl -

Ryan Moore

"Sheldon coached my staff of twelve to a new level of sales effectiveness. They liked how the program flowed, that his good, positive personality brought to the forefront how effective cross selling and up selling can be with the right words and tools, and that feelings of fear about selling are normal but can be overcome with a bit of practice."
Ryan Moore -

Valley Enterprise Program

"Sheldon gave our program participants an excellent introduction to Guerilla Marketing. His enthusiastic presentation and obvious passion for the subject gave him added credibility with his audience.”
Kathryn Hayes -

Kathy Foster

"I was so inspired by your workshop... I can't think of a better person to go to for advice and support than you, Sheldon!"
Kathy Foster -


"Sheldon Snodgrass has been a regular workshop presenter in my Business Planning classes for the past five years. Students, who I treat as my customers, continue to rave about Sheldon's sessions, a high compliment indeed for adults in a night class. I ask Sheldon to return year after year because I know he’ll deliver an excellent class and compelling presentation."
Howard Bronstein -

Quaboag Valley Community Development Corporation (QVCDC)

"Sheldon provides an energetic and comprehensive training on all aspects of marketing, but particularly guerrilla marketing."
Susan Rutherford -

Richard M. Bagley

"I was impressed with Sheldon’s approach but most notably his familiarity with the insurance business and the CSR role in particular. He connected well with my staff and effectively addressed everyday challenges and opportunities through a participatory process. He inspired a renewed sense of purpose in creating win-win-win situations: My staff is energized, my customers are better protected, and my agency has stronger customer relationships and increased revenues."
Richard M. Bagley -

Ira Bryck

"Sheldon contributed to a panel that also included marketing and advertising experts, and a father and son in a family business, going through a "makeover" in their thinking, Sheldon's contribution was strong and creative, motivating them in their particular situation, but also inviting the audience to see how they each had challenges that could be addressed by his comments."
Ira Bryck -

Angela M. Pickup

"My team and I have participated in numerous programs designed to increase account rounding skills. Without a doubt the Steady Sales Program is the very best and most effective of its kind. Sheldon's program is designed to help Account Managers understand that account rounding a valuable client service."
Angela M. Pickup -

Jim Herrick

“Sheldon fired up our account managers to proactively sell while they served, and the impact was big. Sheldon helped my team sell better by breaking down sales barriers into simple steps and removing the barriers one at a time. Sheldon pushed my 20 Account Managers just beyond the edge of their comfort zone, but they liked him and responded well to his challenges; many saying, “I loved the program”, and others saying, “I see how my little changes can drive better results in sales.”
Jim Herrick -


"Our work with the Steady Sales Group helped increased the average revenue per appointment by 20%. Total revenues for the company were up 50% during the six months after the training. TechCavalry is now an avid fan of Steady Sales Group!"
Jef Sharp -

Mr. Glenn Montgomery

"Sheldon Snodgrass came in to train my sales staff and wowed us! He did not come in and try to tell us how it’s done but instead helped us break down the barriers we all have about selling and reaching out to people. Sheldon's effervescent attitude and attention to each individual in a group setting made him different from any other sales training we have done. Our sales are up substantially the first month after our sales training with Steady Sales."
Mr. Glenn Montgomery -

CPE Forum (Continuing Professional Education)

"The President of American International College, Harry Courniotes was so impressed with Sheldon’s presentation he instructed the Dean of the Business School to invite Sheldon to teach as an adjunct faculty member."
Jo Saranelli -

Marshall Katz

"Hire Sheldon immediately! He packs tremendous sales value into a short period. So much so that I watched him turn a CSR who “hated salespeople” into a representative who, by the end of the training day, was convinced she could be a sales catalyst for her agency."
Marshall Katz -

Suzanne Beck

"Sheldon has the ideal combination skills for effective sales training -- an understanding of the broader issues of marketing and a focus on the specific tasks that lead to sales. "He always combines powerful skill development with time to practice, so that participants walk away with concrete steps to refine and test through Sheldon’s interactive sessions."
Suzanne Beck -

JoAnne Finck

"Our agency has always been proactive and encouraged, trained and rewarded our team to "sell". Sheldon, in the very first session was able to boost sales effectiveness, give confidence and comfort in selling and address beliefs, fears and perceived pressures of selling in a way no other seminar did. Our staff enjoyed Sheldon's infectious energy, preparedness and ability to engage everyone through measurable "homework" assignments and awareness tools."
JoAnne Finck -

Barbara Targum

"Sheldon did a terrific job in jumpstarting our sales culture with his energetic and enthusiastic coaching. Implementing Sheldon’s relatively simple suggestions and small changes, we’ve already seen our asks increase by over 200%."
Barbara Targum -

Hilltown Community Development Corporation

"Sheldon brings energy, know-how and value to the trainings he's done for us. We call him back again and again for a variety of audiences who always leave enriched and motivated."
Seth Isman -

Paul J. Shea

"Thank you so much for coming to our office for 5 days and helping our agency . My staff will certainly put your ideas and exercises to great use. We were frustrated with our cross selling results but within a short time we have already seen some great results from your CSR SALES TRAINING PROGRAM."
Paul J. Shea -

Rich Webber

"I highly recommend Sheldon for his ability to increase sales performance and team confidence. His coaching has been right on target."
Rich Webber -

WFCR National Public Radio

"He made himself available to the whole staff and offered individual training off-line. He jump started our sales team!"
Ruth Kennedy -

Bill Dowd

"Sheldon’s sales training and the impact he had on my twenty CSR’s wow’d us! I’ve seen or hired countless trainers in my 33 years in the insurance business, but few who generate the participant enjoyment and skill application that Sheldon Snodgrass does. After his training, I could hear my team selling better, and I could count a 20 % increase in the number of rounded accounts not to mention an increase in new closed business to the agency."
Bill Dowd -

Charlie Epstein

"4 months, my firm earned back nine and a half times what I had invested in the Steady Sales Group. Sheldon has assisted us in opening up new marketing opportunities, maximizing technology and web sales, all areas we were failing to maximize. I can say emphatically that Sheldon has made a tremendous impact on our companies success and profitability in a very short period of time."
Charlie Epstein -