Motivational Speaking and Sales Training

What is it?

For a one-hour workshop, a one day retreat, or a multi-week seminar series, count on a lively and educational experience to fit any  venue and many audiences. With an engaging and entertaining style I teach greenhorns and grizzled veterans with equal effectiveness and joy. Through keynotes and breakouts, I’ve taught customer service representatives how to sell, sales reps how to serve, and their leaders how keep both sides of that coin polished.

What you get.

Of course, I customize every presentation to best suit the audience’s learning objectives, and your vision. My presentations are interactive, often include worksheets, and draw from my study of best practices in sales and marketing since 1990. Sample programs include:

  • How to Craft and Deliver Your Unique Sales Proposition
  • Prospecting, Cold Calls and Sales Oh MY!
  • Cold Calling For the Faint of Heart
  • Direct Sales Boot Camp
  • Guerrilla Marketing Fundamentals
  • How to Get Non-Sales Professionals to Sell
  • How To Write a Marketing Plan in 7 Sentences
  • How Turn Your Volunteers Into a Sales Force
  • How to Profit From Fusion Marketing Partnerships

Hiring me as a speaker or trainer is easy. We simply schedule a free, 1-hour discovery meeting to discuss the opportunity. If there is a fit between us we sign a letter of agreement on terms and get right to work. Investment: $3,000-$5,000 sliding scale, plus expenses. Partial barters are available.