Guerrilla Marketing Coaching & Sales Coaching

What is it?

I’m not big into reports.  Useful; but often too much analysis paralysis.

I take the Guerrilla  Marketing approach: use simple techniques to get maximum results from minimal resources.  Indeed, I’m one of only a few dozen certified coaches in the world  endorsed by best-selling author and the creator of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson.

Be it marketing or direct sales, I have  a systematic process to help you focus squarely on generating results. Drive more inquiries to your phone, office, or website.  Turn your customers into evangelists.  Develop a direct sales program. Close more deals. Get your service people to sell.

Whatever it is, I will help you put first things first so you can harvest while planting seeds for future growth.

What you get.

  • “My team isn’t producing like I need them to.”   —  “Training never sticks!”
  • “I just need more customers!”  — “I’ve tried that before and it doesn’t work.”
  • “Sales are flat. The economy’s bad. I don’t really know how to sell. If we only had the money for more marketing.”

These are the refrains so often uttered by sales people, business owners and managers when asked what’s getting in the way of increased profits.

As your Coach

  • I will help you develop short-term, intermediate, and long-term programs to boost profits in a manner consistent with your business, personal and team readiness.
  • I help keep you accountable to the commitments you make to yourself.
  • I deliver tangible, actionable, and ROI – driven sales and marketing and counsel.
  • I am trained to listen, to observe and to customize my approach to your individual needs.
  • I seek to elicit solutions and strategies that you can execute in short-term segments, piece by piece.
  • I believe you are naturally creative and resourceful. My job is to provide support that enhances the skills, resources, and creativity you already possess.

How it works.

During the course of a quarterly commitment to each other, we craft and execute action plans that boost the profits and the pleasure you get from your work.

Monthly or weekly we connect regularly, usually by phone, usually for an hour, for at least 90 days.  In addition to our scheduled coaching call, I remain available for power chats or correspondence to review documents, answer questions or provide additional support. Comes with a 100% happiness guarantee.