Steady Sales Success Stories
My Greatest Success Comes from My Clients Success


Case: A start-up manufacturer of pioneering LED sign technology, Newscanner needed help at every level of the sales and marketing function. They needed to build a sales infrastructure, a strategic marketing plan, recruit a sales force, establish budgets, craft a corporate identity, and most importantly – sell product.

Challenge: To identify and focus on immediate revenue generating priorities while attending to sales infrastructure development, strategic planning, and other foundation building activities.

Recommendation: Focus on a handful of distinct market segments and industry verticals. Gain rapid and deep distributor and representative penetration across each target sector by outsourcing the field sales function.

Result: Developed go to market corporate positioning, strategy and tactics. Completed a down and dirty marketing plan and annual budget. Developed the necessary tools to support an outsourced sales function.

logo newscanner Newscanner“We tried to recruit Sheldon to be our VP of Sales & Marketing. I don’t know what higher compliment I could pay.”

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