Steady Sales Success Stories
My Greatest Success Comes from My Clients Success


Sales and Marketing Planning Challenge: Danex was in late stage-up mode when Walter approached Steady Sales for help executing its strategic sales plan. The challenge was there was no plan -other than what existed in Walter’s head. Together we mapped out thirty day action plans month after month after month so a cohesive strategy could be simultaneously developed and executed.

walter goodridge 65 Danex“Sheldon has been of tremendous help to my new company. He has given us our own personal Marketing 101 course with a strong slant towards Guerrilla Marketing. In the process, he has become a friend and advisor. I especially value his enthusiasm, devotion and technical expertise. He’s looking at the bottom line, and works to reduce our expenditures (including those for consulting).”

Walter Goodridge, President. (413) 369-4685